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A Family Tribute

Business History

The original Osborne Funeral Home was established in 1915 on Penn Ave. (the building beside the Record Argus) in Greenville by Andrew H. Osborne. Mr. Osborne was originally employed for 16 years in the furniture store and undertaking establishment of Boyd N. Park in Franklin, PA. He left Franklin on January 1, 1915 to take up the same line of business in Greenville, as the successor to J.W. Baird.

Osborne-Williams Funeral Home
Andrew H. Osborne Sr., Andrew H. Osborne Jr., Andrew H. Osborne III

His son, Andrew H. Osborne, Jr. became a licensed funeral director June 8, 1948 and eventually bought the family business and moved it to it’s current location at 73-75 Columbia Ave. as the Andrew Harper Osborne, Jr. Funeral Home, which also operated as the Andrew Harper Osborne, Jr. Convalescent Rental Service. Andy Jr. also served two terms as the Mayor of Greenville during the borough’s 125th Anniversary celebration from 1962-1966.

The following is an article published in the Advance Argus (Now called The Record Argus) on September 10, 1908:

Osborne-Williams Funeral Home
"One of the most attractive homes in Greenville is that of S.D. Downs, on Columbia Ave., the grounds having been transformed into a small, beautiful park. The lot when purchased was low in spots and when the new residence was erected the process of filling began and is not finished yet, though over 5,000 wagon loads of dirt have been utilized. A ravine at the north side of the property contained four springs and a swale and this has been converted into a miniature lake with an artificial gravel bed and shores. It was stocked with bass and is now swarming with four inch specimens of this gamey fish. The lake is deep in spots and affords swimming for grown ups if desired and a wadding place for the little folks too. The entire ravine has been sodded and the property is a delight to the eye."
Osborne-Williams Funeral Home

Following his completion of service in the US Army and serving in the Vietnam War, the third generation of family funeral directors, Andrew H. Osborne III, became licensed on July 6, 1971 and became president of Andrew H. Osborne III Funeral Home, Inc.

Osborne-Williams Funeral Home

Andy’s untimely death in 1998 left the funeral home business in the hands of his widow, Theresa Osborne, who remained as president. Theresa’s son, Stephen A. Williams, who at the time of Andy’s death was working for the funeral home and preparing to go to Mortuary School, purchased the business in November of 2005, and continues to carry on the rich tradition  of family service as  a fourth generation funeral director.

In November of 2007, the business officially became known as "Osborne-Williams Funeral Home and Cremation Services, Inc."

Our business philosophies and goals for the future are simple, “continue with the same policies of which the family business was founded and maintain the credibility the Osborne name has afforded the Greenville Community for the past century”.

Funeral Homes are historically known as small town, community minded businesses. We are no different and continuously remain involved with community projects and service organizations. Strong ties to the client families we serve, high ethical and moral standards, and dedication to excellence in the death care industry are just a few of the reasons for our past and present success, as well as a strong foundation laid for the future success of our family business.

The business will celebrate it’s 100th birthday in 2015 and is the longest operating, family funeral home in the Greenville area. As we strive to stay above our competition in areas such as embalming, preparation, Pennsylvania law, and personalized service, we believe our commitment to excellence remains unmatched.

Stephen A. Williams, Supervisor