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Planning a Funeral

If you have ever planned a funeral for a loved one, you know that there are many details and decisions that must be made before any plans can move forward. Did you know that many of these decisions can be made ahead of time, which can spare the family from having to make difficult decisions under extreme emotional stress?

So, how can you make plans and ensure all your bases are covered?

You can get started today by requesting a free funeral planning consultation. We can assist you in getting your plans down on paper and filing them with the funeral home so that all the information is there when needed. A funeral planning specialist is a licensed professional who is an expert in advance funeral planning. Funeral planning specialists can offer useful information about Medicaid spend down rules for funeral plans, veterans’ burial benefits, and advance funding options.

Advance funeral funding allows families to make paid installments until the funeral contract is paid in full, making it easy to plan ahead. These funds are held by a reputable, A-rated insurance company and are safe and secure until the funds should be needed. Many payment options are available through insurance policies or annuities, which are also transferrable should your family move away.

We work with Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company (FDLIC), a company that was founded on principles of integrity, transparency, and respect for others. The company has been recognized by a leading insurance ratings company, A.M. Best, with an A- “Excellent” rating. In 2011 and 2012, FDLIC was also recognized by the Ward Group, a leading provider of benchmarking and best practices research studies for insurance companies, as one of the top 50 life/health insurance companies domiciled in the U.S. Financial stability and company operations were measured and analyzed over a 5-year period for safety, consistency, and performance. To learn more about FDLIC, you can visit their website at

There are three easy steps to planning ahead for your funeral needs:

1. Contact us
While it sounds simple, this is often one of the hardest steps for families. Just pick up the phone and call, and we’ll take it from there.

2. Meet with a funeral planning specialist.
You may choose to have a funeral planning specialist meet you in the comfort and privacy of your home, or at the funeral home. From here, your funeral planning specialist will guide you through the funeral planning process from start to finish. Your wishes and preferences will be recorded, relieving family members from having to make these decisions at your time of passing.

3. Decide if prepayment is right for you.
During your free funeral planning appointment, there is no obligation or pressure to pay for services in advance. Rather, payment options and benefits will be explained to you so that you can make an educated decision based on your specific circumstances.

And you’re done! It’s that simple. There are many benefits to planning ahead even if you choose not to prepay for funeral services. A complete funeral plan can help your family save money by eliminating “emotional overspending,” which can occur when family members try to honor the memory of a deceased person by choosing “only the best” for their loved one. A funeral plan also relieves the burden that falls on your spouse, children, or next of kin, whoever will be responsible for making funeral arrangements. Additionally, it can help keep the peace and settle disputes between family members if differing opinions arise during the arrangement process. To get started, contact us at 724-588-4050